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    Posted on January 14th 2013

    I just came from a remodeling/renovation project that we started today In Sherman Oaks and i wanted to share with you some information about load bearing wall.

    We are going to remove two walls that in between of them there is a wood fire-place in a place that make no sense at all, but this is for another time. After the removal of the drywall from the two walls that needs to be removed, we had to make sure which one is the load bearing wall so we open part of the ceiling, as close as possible to the connection of the ceiling and the wall, to see if the wall/s support any ceiling joist or kickers (beams that come down from the roof and lay on the wall).

    The flat roof challenge in Los Angeles

    That house in Sherman Oaks has a flat roof that above it there is another flat roof which makes the attic very narrow to inspect the walls that needs to be removed. Sound confusing, right? 

     After we made sure which wall is the load bearing wall we went to the more fun part. I would like to mention that when you go through remodeling/renovation in Los Angeles such as this one, make sure to wear a musk because there will be lots of dust and insulation pieces flying around

    Prior to removal of a load bearing wall in Los Angeles

    Prior to the removal of load bearing wall we have to build two temporary walls, one on each side of the load bearing wall, dig for the concrete pads and prepare the surface for the new opening, the new posts and header, all per engineer details.

    You do not want to think in cases like that

    You want to know exactly which wall is a load bearing wall, how to remove it, what material to use and to be safe and knowledgeable doing that kind of work. The best is to hire a licence general contractor in Los Angeles that will know, hopefully how to deal with that.

    In conclusion

    Inspect which wall is a load bearing wall, get a licence contractor, engineer details and ask questions even if you think it may sound stupid. It is your house.

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