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    Household safety check list-children

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    • Are knives, forks, scissors, and other sharp tools in a drawer with a childproof latch?
    • Have you installed a dishwasher lock so kids can’t reach breakable dishes, knives, and other dangerous objects?
    • Have you installed a stove lock and have knob protectors been placed on the stove knobs?
    • Are chairs and stepstools positioned away from the stove?
    • When cooking, are all pot handles on the stove turned inward or placed on back burners where your child can’t reach them?
    • Are glass objects and appliances with sharp blades stored out of reach?
    • Is the garbage can behind a cabinet door with a childproof latch?
    • Are all appliances unplugged when not in use, with cords out of reach?
    • Are all vitamin or medicine bottles stored in a high cabinet far from reach?
    • Are matches and lighters stored in a locked cabinet?
    • Is the cabinet under the sink free of cleaning supplies, bug sprays, dishwasher detergent, and dishwashing liquids? And are these supplies out of the reach of children?
    • Are any bottles containing alcohol stored out of reach?
    • Are all plastic garbage bags and sandwich bags out of reach?
    • Are any cords or wires from wall telephones out of reach?
    • Are refrigerator magnets and other small objects out of reach?
    • Are childproof latches installed on all cabinet doors?
    • Is there a working fire extinguisher?
    • Does the child’s highchair have a safety belt with a strap between the legs?

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