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    bathroom remodeling tarzana – A guide for how

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    Bathroom Remodeling TarzanaYour Private Retreat (Bathroom remodeling tarzana)

    bathroom remodeling tarzana are among the most private spaces in any house. Given this personal character, remodeling projects invite extra scrutiny and use your creativity.

    Long hours may be invested in the selection of paint, tile, sinks, faucets, vanities, mirrors, and accessories. These are personal decisions, to be sure. But there are common goals for every project, no matter the budget, style, or location. Bathroom Remodeling tarzana

    We’ll show you how to make the process a little easier.

    The ideal bathroom serves as a refuge — it’s no place for fussiness. Scale down the variables to establish a soothing atmosphere.

    Contrast dark woods and finishes with light ones for instant drama. A neutral palette with one strong color will create the same effect.

    And if the bath is small, you can repeat simple design details, such as matching floor and wall tiles, to make the space appear larger. “It is important to use the same materials and features throughout to unify the design scheme,” says Miami designer Wendy St. Laurent.  Bathroom Remodeling tarzana

    Use What You Have

    If a bath feels cramped, it may be necessary to strip the space down to the studs and reconfigure the room. “The biggest mistake people make when starting a remodeling project is to get bogged down with filling a new space with too many useless things,” says Birmingham architect Bill Ingram.

    Less-permanent elements, such as fixtures, interior walls, and cabinetry, are candidates for refinement. But plumbing stacks and drains are not so easily modified. Take a critical look at the layout, weigh the options, and plan accordingly.

    Don’t Go Overboard

    “Don’t create a showroom out of a remodeled bathroom,” Ingram says. “Use some of the same materials, colors, and textures that appear in the other rooms.”

    If the house has decorative wainscoting, arched doorways, beaded-board paneling, or similar points of style, consider echoing those features. An updated bath should not appear to be an island of architecture or design — modernist touches will look out of place in a cottage, for example. The goal is a renovation that harmonizes with the existing structure.  Bathroom Remodeling tarzana

    Use Furniture

     The space doesn’t have to feel clinical or prefabricated. “I don’t like the bathroom to look just like a bathroom. It is a room after all, and the elements in it can take on the feeling of furniture,” Ingram says.

    There is no need to rely on items made specifically for bathrooms. Think outside the box when selecting furnishings. Armoires can store towels and toiletries. Chests may be plumbed and converted into vanities. Pharmacy cabinets, console tables, decorative mirrors, and comfy chairs will make appealing additions, too.  Bathroom Remodeling tarzana

     Choose Timeless Materials  Bathroom Remodelinglocatged in  tarzana

    Keep an eye toward longevity when remodeling a bath. “The bathroom should last a long time,” says Ingram. “I love natural materials — nothing too decorative that can come back to haunt you.”

    in order to Avoid trendy colors and design fads when selecting tiles in bathroom remodeling tarzana, faucets, and fixtures. Classic elements, such as subway tiles, vintage-type nickel fixtures, and claw-footed tubs often make better investments.

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