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    Patio converted into a garage

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    Posted on March 11th 2013

    It all started with an email.

    She contacted us via email, telling us that she wants to convert the existing back patio to a garage.

    The house where we will to the conversion is in Los Angeles.

    The existing patio had two stucco walls, flat roof with open ceiling, pavers on the floor and the front of the patio was a clear opening from side to side and the hight was all the way to the ceiling. In order to convert the patio to a garage we will need to do the following:

    1. Dig for new footing foundation for the third missing wall and for the front of the garage. The front of the future garage will have a 16′ garage door so there will be no footing where the garage door is but from each side of it.

    2. We will demo the pave’s floor and we will pour new concrete slab which we will do it during the pouring of the footing, if city inspector will allow us to pour it at the same time.

    3. After that being done, we will build the missing walls, stucco the new walls, run new electrical for the new garage, installing the new garage and call the final inspection. There will be inspections prior to the final one such as framing, electrical, stucco paper, drywall nailing and final so make se that our contractor knows what he is doing.

    Try not to waste time on unnecessary corrections.

    Before any work begin, you will need to have plans and submitted to the city for approval so your new garage will be legal because if it os not then it does not exist and you can lose value. If you choose, you can add a nice 36” door with glass to bring light to it or paint the concrete floor to make it more personal and even insulate and drywall the walls to create a nice studio.

    we decided to keep the open beam ceiling.


    Shower remodeling and construction


    Custom shower remodeling with dark Porcelain tile on the walls, build in nitch, frameless shower door and one big shower head.

    Posted on March 4th 2013

    The size of your new shower

    What is the size of your old shower? Do you want to enlarge it? If yes, is there a way to remove a wall to make the shower bigger? Or maybe you want a steam shower, a bench? So many things for one shower but as one that take only shower then the bigger the better, if possible and if not then no worries, we can still create a shower that you will enjoy it all along.

    The interior of your new shower

    The interior of your new shower is important. The tile or Mosaic on the walls, the build in notch for the soap, the floor and place of the bench. Are you looking to have one or two shower heads, one on each side?

    The perfect shower

    Well, there is no such thing as the perfect shower. One shower can be perfect to one but not to the other so it is important that you will know what do you love to have in your new shower? What are your priorities? Look around you If you are not sure what is it that you are looking for, its ok. Take a look at magazines or for photos and ideas.

    Work with your contractor, ask him questions and trust him to deliver the results that you are looking for.

    We wish you good luck in the process and hope that the information here will help you.

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